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Tax Planning By Our Experts

Here at Cavanaugh & Co, we don’t only minimize your taxes at the year’s end – we strive to minimize your taxes year-round.

Where other firms have tax compliance as their end goal, it is our minimum requirement. We are proactive in the search for successful, legal avenues that will reduce your tax liability and maximize your after-tax income.

We make it our job to understand and implement strategies that improve your bottom line.

How Can Tax Planning Help Me?
Tax Planning is the strategic approach to making sure that you’re not just on track, but ahead of the curve. There are many ways tax planning can help you. Tax planning can help you defer income, so you can pay taxes later on money that you keep now. It can also reduce the taxes on your retirement distributions, so you can live the lifestyle you want even after retirement. It can even reduce estate taxes, so your family isn’t burdened by tax issues in a difficult time.

How Do We Help You Achieve These Life-Long Goals?
We shift your earnings to years where it will be taxed at a lower rate, while using investment choices, such as pension plans, to defer your tax liabilities and produce income that is tax exempt from federal and/or state taxes.

At Cavanaugh & Co, we are here to serve you, not the IRS. With the ever-changing federal and state tax laws, we are here to protect your financial interests. Many of our clients save much more than our fees in tax liability by utilizing our tax planning system.

Simply, your needs are our needs – and your goals are our goals.